web development

Setting up a modern web development environment in 2022


  1. We’re going to download and install any essential tools.
  2. Clone an actual real world project (my website) and get it running.
  3. Explain the some sane default settings for any modern web project for VS Code.
  4. Answer any development environment questions.


vscode folder explanation

  • extensions.json

    • Has a list of all recommended extensions
  • settings.json

    • Getting extensions to play together nicely is more challenging than it looks. This file allows you to share the settings that allow extensions to work. This is a huge help for teams. A great example here is stylelint and vs code’s built in css validator collide with each other.
  • launch.json

    • Added commands to make debugging in vs code easier
  • tasks.json

    • Sets the default build and test tasks
    • Default build task: command + shift + b
    • Default test task: command + r, t
  • Start project

  • Show Typescript tsx example

  • Show GraphQL example

  • Show prettier

  • Show stylelint

Mac Users

  1. Open up a terminal and type “git” to automatically install the command line tools on macOS without installing all of Xcode. Or download the full version of Xcode.
  2. Download Homebrew.

Windows Users

  1. Download git for windows

All Users

  1. Download VS Code

Install code shell command

  • command + shift + p “shell command” select “install code command in path”

Install zsh and oh my zsh (macOS)

brew install zsh
sudo sh -c "echo $(which zsh) >> /etc/shells"
chsh -s $(which zsh)

Then follow the directions here: https://ohmyz.sh/#install

Set default shell to zsh or git bash in vs code

  1. Open VS Code
  2. Press command + shift + P (macOS) or CTRL+Shift+P (Windows/Linux) and search for terminal “Terminal: Select Default Profile”.
  3. Select “zsh” (on macOS) or “git bash” (on Windows)

Clone this blog

  • Open integrated terminal (command + shift + P “Terminal: Create new terminal”)
git clone https://github.com/jamsea/blog-jameshush-com.git
cd blog-jameshush-com
code .
npm install

Add www.jameshush.localhost to /etc/hosts

sudo code /etc/hosts

or windows

code %SystemRoot%System32driversetchosts


And paste the following at the bottom: www.jameshush.localhost
::1 www.jameshush.localhost

Finally, run the site by typing npm start

Avoid installing linters globally

  • Makes sharing configuration with team members impossible
  • Can cause you to have conflicts in other projects
  • Can cause issues in CI/CD setups

Bonus setups

These are quality of life improvements, that also double as a 1337 flex for your coworkers.

Git diff tool

git config --global merge.tool vscode
git config --global mergetool.vscode.cmd 'code --wait $MERGED'
git config --global diff.tool vscode
git config --global difftool.vscode.cmd 'code --wait --diff $LOCAL $REMOTE'

Enable git rerere

git config --global rerere.enabled true
  • reuse recorded resolution.
  • makes rebasing and fixing merge conflicts much easier because you don’t have to reapply the same resolution over and over
  • More information here

Install cool font